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Amazon Silk – What is it?

Hidden underneath the hype of Kindle Fire, Amazon announced it’s own mobile browser Amazon Silk. What exactly is Amazon Silk? Amazon calls it the “Revolutionary Cloud-Accelerated Browser” powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). When we think of ‘cloud’ computing, we think of storage for files such as music, video, or even data backup. Google’s Gmail, DOCS service was probably the first free cloud computing service accepted by the masses. Amazon takes this basic ideology of cloud computing a big step further by using their browser to share the load of web browsing between your Kindle Fire and its AWS. They call this Dynamic Split Browsing. If this works as it says, this will enable a very positive user experience when web browsing.

However, this may be frowned upon by privacy advocates. I highly doubt there will be an option to turn off this function. This will mean ALL of your traffic from your Kindle Fire will be passing through Amazon’s web servers. Amazon will be able to record your click habits, shopping trends, navigation tendencies through silk. As Facebook has a great wall blocking Google from viewing what people post as status updates, Amazon will be able to monitor and track your web browsing. This will be interesting how it will all turn out.




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